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name: Pammie/bluzh
age: 18 (and ticking)
likes: cookies, pink, life, and everyone(m frewnly kaez)!!!
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Like angels,we fall and hurt our wingz,
but in the process we meet ppl
who heal our wingz and care fer us..
Take each fall as an experience
tt you may grow fond with.


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Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

::~*piano gliches*~::

another week passed, i reali need to start updating more frequently, maybe thingz are juz getting abit too boring over time... Gym is practically wad i do reacently found it a good wae to release anger and stress lol. As most of u noe, even if i m pissed to da max i dun blow it out , until i reach da peak where i juz erupt and like wad volcanoes do, leave a crater lol. Went to Jim's hse the other day with Linus and a few others to try his home gym set, its so farni him spending so much on a gym set, though i kinda like his punching bag, i wanna something like tt *hintz* but guess no kind soul will get me tt, nor will my mom let me have it, i probably juz break da walls or whole ceiling collapse lol, judging from how violent i can get.

Speakin abt Linus , haha i juz gotta noe him from Jim , its so funny how we gotten to noe each other. I went to china black during the revision week before exams with Jim, Andre and the rest coz it was Jo's bdae, went there to so called celebrate, as usual those that noe me well enuff should noe i dun reali like china black, no particular reason though lol. Jim intro us to Linus, but my impression of linus was reali bad, guess he was drunk or something and he was hinting bad on jean, andre's gf i was like -.-~ this guy is despo lol.Enuff said, i ran into him a few other times when i was going to da gym, he smiled but i gave the kinda "go away u freak" kinda face, i noe i can be reali mean. Last week when Jim meet me and a few others to go sentosa fer da chill, he brought linus along, i was like "urgh", but over dinner we kinda talk more,guess wad, hehe he is not a bad guy aye linus, except when he is drunk *rolls eyes*.

Oiz LinUs if u r reading this LOL, sry dude, i dun mean to give u those looks, juz tt ur first impression to me is like " he is such an arse".Lets chill again someday when u r free =p. So sorry >.<, And up this is the public apology u asked from me LOL.

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Monday, May 17, 2004


heyhey i m hooked on something new *pts at vcd* i borrowed these from terry hehe, "die sterntaler" i duno wad izit in chinese, its a jap serial though, not those too soapy but something abt ppl accepting a deaf mute person in society and a normal person falling in love with such a person, hehe i m only on disc two and am already so mesmerized by it O.o awe by the story line.... ain't know since when am hooked onto these serials, i like "the rose" though, the ones SHE cast in, even Gen agrees with me hehe, i m sure many others too =D~.umm Fushigi yugi another fantasy of mine hehehehe... its cool~. oh wellz enuff abt da serials.

my piano been so dusty <.< i reali gotta start practicing everyday, last year i already din go fer exam this year i must, or nt mom will prob kill me upside dwn, come to think of it, piano lessons and exam total up to like 1.8k a year gosh -.-" , i juz woke my senses up todae =p wellz not too late ya.

Am so hungry nw, *growls* hehe wellz did i sae i m so happy last nite *giggles* oh wellz =p. i shall go back doing wad i was doing, update u ppl soonx~ kinda need to spice up my life abit *winks* , no owner am not goin to be att, i love my single life *bounces ard*

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Friday, May 14, 2004


gosh its been sometime since i updated my blog since sundae O.o, hasn't been out that much this week, been totally idling -_______-" too bz with too many thingz ard, gotta start goin to da gym next week, personal training up soonx gotta keepmyself in shape fer da BIG cousin wedding tsktsk, wonder y am i doing so much work fer HER wedding.

been out with owner a few days ago and went jewelery shopping fer her new gurl, its pretty =D its an angel, i lurve angels and stars and moon (goez on...) but its reali pretty, and i think its sure to match da girl tts recieving it =), eunice i think hmm she seems ok from the pictures but hadn't gotten to noe her yet, lets hope she is not like some of her previous EX,sheese...but i trust my owner's judgement as as her wifey i'll support her in everyting she think is right, umm some thingz =X.

Urgh todae is a huge pms dae, i m seeing the reds and the bluez, girls are grumpy todae hehe *waddles ard* oh wellz i'll blog dwn more tonite if anithing interesting is goin on, aniway UNKER *waves* , aloser unker seems to always read my blog, hehe juz wanna sae hi *hugz*~

p.s : alot ppl sae its to pinky, my blog but i find it pretty okiez, at least its not HOT pink, blah more suttle pink =D since my old one is not reali in the proper state, and hey u ppl noe wad, i look good in PINK =D, owner u should try pinky too

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

::~* ExAmz Are Over *~::

da Exams is FINALLY over, but hmm i dun feel anything too happy about it, you see this semester passes really fast fer one, and i think i haven done anything much constructive, first haven been in the skool pool this sem(blah i wonder y, means ain't chilling out much), two- it was a really bz and slack sem, when its bz its like woah, when we slack its like (debar than debar) =X. Da Heck attitude dwell in us so much that we dun bother abt anything else. -___-". This sem was also a good sem, hehe conflict has cooled dwn between my classmates, everyone is so close suddenly, the guys hang ard with us more than last sem, so does the rest of the girls =D its kwel to see one united class, esp during class test =X, its farni, wellz am glad am in this class, lots of laughter, stress times and times that we roll on the floor laughing, one thing i gotta sae, I LURVE THEM!!!.

Am not goin to da states this year to study, went to a counselling fer study thingy, they told me since my results is doing well and i need a year 12 cert, y dun i stay take the last year of poly as a practical year, after much discussion with my frewns n mom, wellz i guess am gonna stay here till poly end. ANYWAY i gtg now, been idling in da game too much -.- sure gonna get scolding hehe... cheers mates

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Friday, April 30, 2004

::~*1st day*~::

p|easures to da ear: -silence-

urgh~ exam i only have like 3 min to update this poor blog, these few nights been trying to study but oh well , the usual zzzzzz takes in >.< blah and todae is evp paper wads worst =______= some how am addicted to darren's frog face and his (:: [ ]::) <- plaster =D tsktsk, these few daes haven been reali good, pmsing all the wae >.<, yesterdae was on the fone when i told my frewn oooo construction collapse haha and he went "wah y everything in the world is collapsing" -______- wellz not the world but sg, tts pretty scary one by one everything falling apart first a bridge next a construction, wad else next *stare at the ground infront of the window* . Wellz kaez shall not sae anithing much now, i'll go and study since my 3 min is up >.< , note "try to study". =D

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Monday, April 26, 2004

::~*Cinta putih*~::

Agnes Monica - Cinta Putih

seputih hati ini
semurni cinta ini
mekar mewangi kasih
kuharapkan balasmu
ulur tangan peluk diriku
oh kekasih dekaplah aku
perasaan cintaku ini
tak bisa kubendung lagi
dimanakah waktu kan berkata menyetujui cinta ini
merpati putih saksi kita
dalam malam kita berjanji
apa yang kan menghalangi
tentang cinta ini kan terjalin
seputih hati ini....
semurni cinta ini...

woah i like this song since forever, the lyrics so nice >.< bleah~ another one week post, blah wonder when i'll update like everydae. maybe after the exams hehe, fridae the start of the papers, i have totally zilch confidence in it~ i am gonna read through abit now... hope some go into da empty brains, my heart is juz not into it blah... haix...
Aniway deviant ge gave me a few sites fer new games, so tempting >.< but yeah *bangs head* gotta study hehe... time to open my BIS (urgh) later might be goin outs =.=~.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

::~*FushiGi yuGi*~::
p|easures to da ears: fushigi yugi ost disc 5

Da sounds of muah tutor's voice explaining this guy abt the upcoming exam, and waiting fer my "snacK" hehe... wellz waiting fer gen to get her cd so that we can burn the cd and submit her already late prj, but oh well at least its done >.<, now my brain is totally burnt out, well little was left anyway ~>.<~.

Mama is goin aussie fer some business trip fer a week or so from next week, so that juz mean one thing, i'll be home alone, good fer studying fer da exams hehe lets juz hope i'll study and not start playing my game again. Yezterdae i went to irc after so long to juz auth my nick, and i saw halhalie and believe haha wellz its so long since i talked to em, micheal lost his hp =.=~, and woah i saw lot of ppl i din see fer such a long time. And as usual the lag n netsplit made me so irritated n i went off hehe.

Anyway u ppl should catch fushigi yugi tt anime its reali good =D nice sweet and tells u how everyone live in the world fer a purpose *HINTS* hehe , kaez am gonna sign of now, hehe i see my pasta =D

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